Polkville Baptist Church
Wednesday, October 17, 2018
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 Bible Drill 2017

31 Years of Bible Drill at Polkville Baptist

LeadersLuke Beam, Larry Canipe, Dianna Geiger, 

Marty Jones, Pam Meade, Penny Tanner, Mary Canipe

Bible Drill News:

Congratulations to all of the drillers this year!
Bible Drill is for fourth through twelfth graders:
Children's Drill Grades 4-6  |  Youth Drill Grades 7-9  |  High School Drill Grades 10-12 
Purpose of Bible Drill
 Through the skills-based curriculum students learn to use their Bibles appropriately, building strong Bible skills and a strong foundation for life application of the Scriptures. Bible Drill includes various fun experiences and activities that appeal to students as they learn. Students in all divisions develop memory skills that will aid them in their school work and future careers. Students progress each year based on their scores through three drill levels: church, association and state. A student may begin Bible Drill at any grade level without prior participation. Bible Drill in North Carolina is offered in the King James and New International versions only. An approved Bible must be used. For more information visit www.ncbibledrill.org under ministry resources.
(begins in September)
          5:00 pm     6th Grade Bible Drill
          6:00 pm     Children's Bible Drill (grades 4 - 6)
          6:00 pm     Youth and High School Bible Drill
History of Bible Drill at Polkville Baptist

     Polkville Baptist Church started Children's Bible Drill in 1985 and held it's first Church drill in the Spring of 1986.  We had four children that year:  Luke Beam, Suzanne Canipe, Denise Stamey, and Laura Wease.  All were State winners!    Denise Stamey was the first girl to be a Three Year State Winner, and later, Josh Beam became the first boy to hold that title.

     Children's Bible Drill is for all children in the Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth grades who are interested in learning God's Word and being able to use the Bible with more confidence.  They have 25 Bible Verses to learn each year, 10 Key Passages, and the 66 Books of the Bible.  They have a time limit of 10 seconds to recall and/or find, and step forward.  If a child stays in Bible Drill for all three years, they will have memorized 75 Bible Verses, 30 Key Passages, and know the Books of the Bible really good.

     In 2005 Polkville Baptist was blessed with our first Youth Bible Driller:  Kayla McNeilly.   She participated in the Church Drill, Associational Drill and State Drill, winning all of them in the Spring of 2006.  Since then we've added one youth each year:  Nicholas Biddell for the 2006-2007 year, and Caleigh Toppins for the 2007-2008 year.  All three were State winners.  Kayla McNeilly was a high scorer in her drill at State and was allowed to go to Greensboro, NC to participate in the NC Bible Drill Finalist Tournament.

     Youth Bible Drill is for youth in the seventh, eighth, and ninth grades.  The Youth Drillers are on an eight seconds time limit.  They have to be able to locate any book in the Bible, any verse in the Bible, plus 30 verses they have to know in different ways and be able to locate all of this in the eight seconds time limit.


Polkville Baptist has been blessed with Bible Drillers and we pray that God will use all of them a Mighty way!