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Wednesday, March 20, 2019
to know HIM and to make HIM known

Christian 101




Polkville Baptist Church

How to Be a Christian 101

Welcome to the online class for new Christians!  We pray you find this class useful in your personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  Please give us feed back on how to make this course more beneficial to you.  We strongly encourage you to use this course as a supplement to involvement in a local church setting.

Course Information:
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 Why Take This Course?
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Topical Outline:
Class 1: - Are You a Christian?
Class 2: - Glory to God
Class 3: - Good News
Class 4: - Family Focused
Class 5: - Character Development
Class 6:Servanthood
Class 7:  -Extra-Ordinary
Please let me know you are taking this course.  Send me an email so I can start praying for you.